In 2018 I again curated and produced the annual re:Store Digital Art exhibition in Moscow.


re:Store, Apple Premium Reseller in Russia, challenged me to conceptualize their "re:Store Digital Art" festival, which led to a digital art exhibition, held for a month in the Museum of Moscow in October.


We divided the exhibition in two parts - Professional, where we showed self-produced artwork, and Amateur, where anyone could get a chance to see their picture exposed after submitting them to an online competition.


With all artwork shot and filmed on iPhone, our aim was to offer a conceptual experience to our viewers, combining the best photography, videography and design.


This year we worked with Zena Holloway, a British photographer and videographer, specializing in underwater shoots.


Anton Fedorov, a designer from Moscow, developed the exhibition's look, using light, elegant stands, underlining the beauty of the images and films. Custom-made fonts were used in the logo and navigation.


IMMERSION is an allegoric story of a man, finding himself in an underwater world and meeting the river nymphs.

Turning into a demon, he affects the purity of the nymphs' environment and only love could mend it.


With this story we tried to raise awareness on the human impact on nature and over consumption, hoping to inspire for a more conscious and sustainable future.




Artwork included 14 photographs, an art film, a VR film and 4 short looped videos all produced in an underwater studio in UK.